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Sai is owner and one of the coaches of Central Outback CrossFit. Sai has loved sport and fitness since her teenage years. Pursuing Tertiary studies after high school in Exercise Science and Injury Rehabilitation.

As a true believer in moving well and often Sai has enjoyed and trialled various methods of training, settling more on CrossFit when she first discovered it in 2013.


Sai believes anyone can have a go and indeed this is what makes crossfit such an adapatable program, in the words of crossfit founder Greg glassman, "The needs of the elderly and professional athletes vary by degree, not kind. Where one needs functional competency to maintain independence, the other needs functional mastery to maintain dominance." Since it's inception in early 2017 Central Outback Crossfit has helped 100's of members of all ages, fitness levels and abilities gain confidence and move well.

B Ex Science and Injury Rehab, Crossfit Lv 2, CrossFit Kids, Australian Weightlifting Lv 1 Coaching,

CrossFit Gymnastics 2019


The Grandad (literally) of the Coaching Team:

First started coaching nearly 30 years ago in a Power Lifting gym in Victoria. Had coached part time on and off in good old fashioned gyms and fitness centres in NSW up until 2013. 


Ando has spent the last seven years as a full time CrossFit Coach, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer.


The CrossFit phenomenon absolutely reinvented and reinspired his passion for the fitness industry. Through personal experience with athletes of all levels, he totally trusts in the overall CrossFit prescription - which includes Nutrition being of the foremost importance to overall health, fitness, strength and longevity.


He loves to help steer Members through nutrition solutions in their quest to become the best possible version of themselves.


Firmly knows that no matter what age you are - your best years are still in front of you.



CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Certificate III and IV in Fitness 

Precision Nutrition Certification(in progress)

Fitness Leader Certificate


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