Sai is owner and one of the coaches of Central Outback CrossFit. Sai has loved sport and fitness since her teenage years. Pursuing Tertiary studies after high school in Exercise Science and Injury Rehabilitation.

As a true believer in moving well and often Sai has enjoyed and trialled various methods of training, settling more on CrossFit when she first discovered it in 2013.


Sai believes anyone can have a go and indeed this is what makes crossfit such an adapatable program, in the words of crossfit founder Greg glassman, "The needs of the elderly and professional athletes vary by degree, not kind. Where one needs functional competency to maintain independence, the other needs functional mastery to maintain dominance." Since it's inception in early 2017 Central Outback Crossfit has helped 100's of members of all ages, fitness levels and abilities gain confidence and move well.

B Ex Science and Inj Rehab 2002, Ad Dip Nutritional Medicine 2017, Crossfit Lv 1 2016, CrossFit Kids 2017, Australian Weightlifting Lv 1 Coaching 2018,

CrossFit Gymnastics 2019


Hannah was overweight, unfit and not happy with life. About 4 years ago, she was going to a boxing/MMA gym in Port Macquarie. The box started introducing Crossfit classes. She had tried heaps of different workout modalities but Crossfit was the only thing that stuck.


Regularly going to Crossfit classes gradually gave her confidence and she starting competing in some local competitions with friends. In 2017, Hannah was travelling around Australia, taking short term Nursing contracts in regional towns (but, only those that had a Crossfit box).


She planned to stay in Alice Springs for 3 months, however with her passion of Crossfit and absolutely loving COCF, she decided extend her contact to indefinitely and obtained her Crossfit trainer level 1 so she could coach and share her passion with other people.


Hannah loves seeing others achieving their goals and being proud of themselves when achieving things they never thought they could do.


"I LOVE pushing people to their limits that I know that they can reach!"


Motto's- “Smile and let the oxygen in”

“Do your best, forget the rest”

Likes- Hand-standing, Double Unders

Dislike- Being Hangry, Not listening in class


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.


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Shane is a massive Crossfit fan-boy! He visited Central Outback Crossfit on opening day, kept on turning up everyday to train... and basically lived at the box. So, we gave him a job!


In 2011, he discovered Crossfit at Crossfit Active in Sydney. This was a life-changing moment and he has been obsessed with Crossfit ever since. Whenever he has spare time, he likes to nerd out on watching Crossfit Youtube videos or listening to Crossfit podcasts. He traveled to spectate at the 2018 Crossfit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, USA and even orchestrated a marriage proposal at a lunchtime class at the Central Outback Crossfit.


Shane’s special interest is Olympic weightlifting. He has competed in a NT weightlifting Association (NTWA) meet, has attended multiple courses and regularly coaches COCF Barbell Club. He has also travelled to China for a 2-week weightlifting camp.


Shane battled with obesity since childhood and has tried many different diet and exercise programs. He now has a much healthier relationship with food and exercise. Shane truly believes that Crossfit can improve a person’s quality of life and well-being.


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.

Crossfit Weightlifting Level 1 Course

Australian Weightlifting Federation Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1

Catalyst Athletics Certified Weightlifting Coach Level 1

Ma Strength Weightlifting Camp | Dec 2018

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification (in progress)

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Level 1

Working Against Gravity Certified Nutrition Coach 

Juggling Macros Nutrition

Coaching Instagram: @jugglingmacros




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Having grown up with her mum owning a gym, Mardi has always been around sport and exercise. She finished school then went on to complete her Cert 3&4 in Fitness and started Personal Training. Three years later she started participating in CrossFit because she was interested in learning and refining gymnastic skills but also enjoyed the challenge of the WODS. She was hooked. So hooked that in 2018 she went on to do her Level 1 & 2 CrossFit course and ended up quitting her full time job as an electrician and focusing on Personal Training and CrossFit full time.


She has now packed everything up and is off traveling around on an adventure to train in different CrossFit boxes everywhere and anywhere to learn as much as possible. Quite regularly she stops back in at Central Outback CrossFit to coach for a few weeks at a time.


Qualifications: Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Level 3 Metabolic Nutrition Coach Level 2 Sports Medicine Trainer


Growing up in New Zealand, Sara was always actively involved with Sports such as rowing, cycling, netball and multi-sports. In her 20's she took up kick boxing and long distance running which provided some great challenges.

In 2010 she went to a “have a go” CrossFit class with her brother and from then on, she was hooked. Already working as a fitness trainer and Pilates instructor, she made the decision to do her level 1 certification.

Sara is a mother of 4 and a master’s athlete. Her passions include coaching children, teenagers and master’s athletes. She loves the diversity CrossFit provides and that it is accessible to all people from a sedentary person to an elite athlete and she would highly recommend it to anyone.

Sara loves supporting people using the CrossFit methodologies to reach their health and fitness goals. Being a part of the CrossFit community at COCF is the best part of life in Alice Springs for Sara and her family.


L 1 Crossfit certificate (2017)

Certificate level one Pilates

Certificate in Sports and Health Massage

Certificate in Nursing and Sports Science





Trevor has always had a passion for health and exercise. Whilst working as a personal trainer he discovered Crossfit and after completing his Lvl1, began applying its fundamentals to his clients, including high risk, people with injuries as well as athletes and sporting teams. Achieving great results not only in the gym, but also helping improve people’s lives. Trevor brings a variety of experiences having having served in the military and trained with some of Australia’s top Crossfit coaches and athletes. “It’s all about community and enjoying the journey with like minded people.”


The Grandad (literally) of the Coaching Team:

First started coaching nearly 30 years ago in a Power Lifting gym in Victoria. Had coached part time on and off in good old fashioned gyms and fitness centres in NSW up until 2013. 


Ando has spent the last seven years as a full time CrossFit Coach, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer.


The CrossFit phenomenon absolutely reinvented and reinspired his passion for the fitness industry. Through personal experience with athletes of all levels, he totally trusts in the overall CrossFit prescription - which includes Nutrition being of the foremost importance to overall health, fitness, strength and longevity.


He loves to help steer Members through nutrition solutions in their quest to become the best possible version of themselves.


Firmly knows that no matter what age you are - your best years are still in front of you.



CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Certificate III and IV in Fitness 

Precision Nutrition Certification(in progress)

Fitness Leader Certificate


Officially Jeremy was first exposed to CrossFit in a real affiliate in Darwin while living there briefly. That’s when it all started. After moving to Alice Springs and joining COCF a profound passion was forged and a serious addiction the exploring “the pain cave”. Having often struggled with weight, he found the CrossFit regime was highly effective in maintaining a healthy weight range while obtaining notable improvements to physique and mindset. That coupled with the highly supportive community and top-quality coaches COCF has enabled him to undergo a series of positive transformations. From this Jeremy completed his CrossFit level One in June 2019 to help and give back to others all the positive and beneficial experiences he himself had obtained from CrossFit and COCF. He gets a huge buzz out of helping others achieve their goals, learning new skills, hitting PBs and seeing athletes enjoy their experience at COCF.


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.

Australian Weightlifting Federation Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1